So just what is this place anyway?

Just your basic internet chat room really; one whose objective is the discussion of the New York Mets in particular and baseball in general ... with the occasional foray into other topics.

Anything unique about it?

Well, we like to think that it's got fewer screaming teenagers (of any age) and a bit more thoughtful discussion than most places. It was created as a refuge from the noise and bluster that permeates some other sites. Some think that makes us a bunch of elitist snobs - but your mileage may vary.

Is the place moderated?

Oh we got mods, mods in all shapes and sizes whose primary goal is to do as little moderating as possible.

- EdgyDC pretty much concocted this place back in 2001 and we like to let him think he still runs it even though he now spends most of his time finding obscure references to retired ex-Mets in small-town newspapers across the country and searching the web for photos of player wives.

- admin and KC are two of about a half-dozen different handles (or is it 3 dozen?... we lose track) used by Edgy's main Lieutenant as he takes care of keeping the forum running and deleting spam and phony user names while otherwise coasting on his reputation as the guy who was chatting about the Mets on the internet since about 10 minutes after helping Al Gore invent this wonderful medium.

- Benjamin Grimm handles much of the behind the scenes technical aspects of the forum in between attempts to consume most of the Pop-Tarts in the Eastern U.S.

- There's also the mysterious Giant Squid-Like Creature who apparently saw the word 'Pool' in our name and thought it would be a good place to hide from those pesky New Zealand scientists who keep trying to snag him in their nets for further study of his sexual habits. Once he showed up here we immediately inked him to a contract (get it?... Inked!) and put him to work organizing & archiving our old


- And finally, seawolf17 is our newest mod. We hope that all posters show him the same respect and courtesy that the other admins have received in the past. Uh ...

So seriously, what are the rules here?

Seriously, as few as possible.

The main one is that we're here to discuss baseball. So if you came to sell Viagra, hawk mortgages, or spam us with your own website we're not interested. If you want to sell your tickets for next Saturday's game that's fine - but contant solicitations won't be tolerated. The general rule is that this place is about the Mets, not you.

That being said, relentless and abusive behavior can eventually result in an attempt to ban a poster. We realize this is nearly impossible ... but a thirty day for first offense, hundred day for second, and lifetime ban for the third seems reasonable to us.

Do I need to register?

Just to read, no, although some of the coded charts & graphs will look like gibberish to those not logged in.

But to be able to participate and view all the posts in their intended form you'll need to be registered. Registration is a quick and painless two-step process which can be done by following the directions on top of the forum.

Language & Vulgarity: We don't edit for content and this place generally isn't for children, but if you consistently make yourself sound like a foul-mouthed dope you might find yourself treated like one.

Flaming: Spirited discussion is always welcome but constant personal attacks are a waste of time and space. If you have a problem with a particular member either take it to the The Red Light Forum where you two can insult each other all day long while the rest of us get back to talking baseball or risk getting your posts zapped and youself bounced.

Other than that, a modicum use of common sense goes a long way. Things like checking to see whether there's already a front page thread on a topic before starting a new one, or being prepared to back up what you're saying so you don't wind up looking silly later on are always good ideas.

Enforcement of these rules - though rarely used - is solely at the discretion of the moderators.

Do you allow avatars and signature lines?

Yes but with limits. Nothing wrong with personalizing your input as long as it doesn't overwhelm the post itself. In general, we're much more interested in what you've got to say than in what you can display. So keep the avatars to no more than 150x150 and limit the sigs to just a line or two of text while sparing us the multi-media pyrotechnics.

Can I insert images into my posts?

Yes, as long as they're appropriate to the subject at hand, appropriate for public viewing (people occasionally do sneak a peak at this forum while at work ... or so we've heard) and reasonably sized so as to not blow the thread right off the screen. Just like with the avatars, we're less interested in the color of your scenes than in the content of your characters.

How do I personalize my screen name?

Click on 'Profile' and you'll find space to add/update avatars, signatures, time zones, contact info, and other personal stuff.

Does HTML work here?

Yes. As does 'BBCode', a quickie way of incorporating things like Italics, Bold, Images & Underlining that are available when you make a post.
Also, URL codes are automatically converted into links when you place them within your post.

Can I send a private message (PM) to another member?

Yes. By clicking on a name you can send a PM to that person as long as your target has that feature enabled.

Can I edit my posts?

Yes. Editing for grammar or content can be done at any time - although there is kind of a tradition here about NOT editing a typo once it's been caught and made fun of. No bigger sin 'round these parts than ruining a good joke.

What's with all the different forums?

The Baseball Forum is the main place to discuss the Mets and baseball. The Non-Baseball Forum is for general news and current events topics, plus we have another dedicated specifically to talk about movies. The rest are pretty much self-explanatory (especially with the self-explanations written right above each) and are either for archived material or for special projects that go on here from time to time.

What's with the player names next to each post and why did it say: 'Jim the Monstrously Huge Batboy' next to my first post even though I didn't put it there?

Ahhh, you've stumbled on our method for assigning player names according to how many posts you've amassed rather than simpler generic titles like "Rookie", "Starter", etc.

What the heck are Schaefer points?

Remember back when long-ago Met announcers Lindsey, Ralph & Bob would assign points for the NY Met 'Schaefer Player of the Game'? Well we do and we're carrying on the tradition. A poll is put up after each game and you can assign points based on who you think contributed most to the game.

Is there some kind of code used here? I see stuff like IGT, KTE, & MFY all over the place. WTF are you guys talking about?

Not code but, like a lot of internet chat, a unique style of shorthand tends to develop.
IGT - In Game Threads are nothing more than a way to herd talk about the ongoing game from being scattered across 10 different threads.
KTE - Know Thine Enemy is a preview of the upcoming series prepared by one of the members.
MFY - Well, that simply is shorthand for the Mother Fuckin' Yankees (this is a Met board after all).